Successful business means successful partnerships

Cornerstone Pharmacy is proud to be a business partner of the N.H.C.

The N.H.C. was founded and started as an I.P.A. (Independent Practice Association) by 22 Medical Professionals based in Johannesburg

Created by Medical Professionals for Medical Professionals, the main aim of N.H.C was to empower the professionals at a time when reimbursement and managed care were challenging the medical professionals sustainability in South Africa.

N.H.C.’s main aim is Professional Empowerment, in other words, NHC must endeavour to put the Professionals in a position where they can be more stable as a group of individuals and earn more money by harnessing the scale of economics through strategies such as grouping up.

This implies and requires a continual reassessment of the trading environment in order to optimise opertunities and create new services that may be required from time to time eg recruitment, group purchasing, electronic record storage etc

You can read more about their organisation here:  www.nhcltd.com